How can I access the content on-demand?

If you are already registered, you can log in HERE. If you haven’t registered yet, click HERE to purchase your on-demand pass. Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with login instructions. All content will be available until November 22, 2020.

When will I get access to the EMS Virtual Event Platform?

The virtual environment is open! Upon registration, you will receive an email from hello@swapcard.com with your login details (be sure to check your spam and whitelist this address!) Already registered? Log in HERE.

Who do I contact if I’m experiencing issues with logging in?

If you do not receive your login details or experience any other login related issues, please contact ems@eventmarketer.com.

Will there be anyone ‘on-site’ within the virtual platform if I need help?

Yes! Click the ‘help desk’ button located on your home screen if you have any questions.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your personal profile through the upper right-hand corner of your screen (click on My Profile) or on the left side of your screen next to your photo (click on Edit). You’ll also have the ability to edit your visibility to other attendees through the Attendees tab. *Please Note: Your profile information is transferred directly from your original EMS registration.

What time zone is the event in?

All event details and session times are published in Eastern Time (ET) on our program page, but within the Swapcard virtual environment the times are published based on your individual location.

How do I customize my available meeting times?

You can customize your meeting availability in the “My Schedule” tab. You will have the opportunity to set which time slots you are available for other attendees to request a meeting with you. You can also choose to not display all empty slots and make yourself unavailable all day.

How do I network with other attendees?

Click on the Attendees tile to view all EMS attendees and then click on a profile that you’d like to connect with! Once you’re in their profile, you’ll be able to request a time to schedule a meeting.

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