Lori Ann Pope

Global Director, Small Business Experiences, Global Business Marketing
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For over six years, Lori Ann Pope has led the global small business experiences team at Meta and is passionate about championing business owners, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. She has more than 20 years of experience in content development, speakership and thought leadership, training, and production. She spent a decade in book and magazine publishing in New York City, primarily as a literary agent, shepherding novelists, journalists, and academics through the publishing process. Teaching English and writing has been an underlying drumbeat in her career: Lori Ann has been an adjunct at Mills College, City University of New York (CUNY), and the Columbia Journalism School’s Publishing Course. Lori Ann earned her BA and MFA from Brown University. A Denver native, she has lived around the U.S., including New York, DC, Boston, Miami, and Dallas. She currently lives in the Bay Area.

Pia Barlow

EVP of Originals Marketing,
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Pia Barlow is the Executive Vice President, Originals Marketing for HBO Max, responsible for guiding the overall marketing strategy, development and execution of marketing campaigns for HBO and HBO Max Originals. She was named to this position in November 2021. In this role, Barlow oversees an award-winning team that focuses on the creative marketing, social media, events, activations and strategic partnerships executed in promotion of HBO and HBO Max Originals.

Phil Duncan

Chief Design Officer,
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Phil Duncan leads P&G’s global Design discipline in transforming the strategies of the company’s ten product categories into superior, holistic consumer experiences. Working seamlessly from innovation to execution, his organization applies design thinking and technical expertise to all aspects of product, package, retail, digital and environment design. In addition, Phil is a leader of Company-wide immersive and reputation-building initiatives, including P&G’s worldwide Olympic sponsorship, and CES experience. Phil also is one of the original founders of P&G Ventures, an entrepreneurial group within P&G that works with internal and external innovators and entrepreneurs to create new brands, technologies and business models.

Todd Kaplan

Vice President of Marketing,
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Todd Kaplan is the Vice President, Marketing, Colas where he is responsible for leading PepsiCo’s flagship brand – Pepsi. He oversees all brand creative, communications and commercial execution across Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar, while building a long-term strategy and new product innovation for the brand overall. Since Fall 2018, Kaplan has brought an unapologetic and culture-forward perspective that has been foundational to re-energizing the brand. He has implemented a unique “culture in, brand out” approach, which has led him to develop big cultural moments, like bringing J. Lo and Shakira to the 2020 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show, making history as the first two Latina artists to headline the event.

Miri Rodriguez

Senior Storyteller Future of Work,
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Miri Rodriguez is a globally recognized Storyteller, Head of Global Internship Program at Microsoft and author of Brand Storytelling. She is a creative journalist and content strategist, evangelizing brand narrative and showcasing how thought leaders can leverage storytelling techniques for culture activation and influence in the digital age. Miri has earned several awards in digital marketing and customer experience and is ranked as top in-demand speaker at leading industry conferences around the world. Miri brings 15+ years of expertise, valuable industry and consulting insights matched with a lighthearted and connected delivery approach. Her social advocacy and philanthropic work include volunteering to train social enterprise leaders in Africa, coaching students at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in the U.S., and mentoring men and women to build their personal brand with empathy, passion and purpose. Her biggest accomplishment to date is being a mother of 2 boys and an American Bulldog. She can also run in heels. Ice cream is her superfood.

Jamey Sunshine

Head of Experiential,
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Jamey Sunshine is the head of the Experiential Center of Excellence at Nestle USA, and has been in the experiential and sports marketing space for over 20 years. Jamey leads a team that develops experiential strategies and integrated programs to engage consumers and drive growth for Nestle USA brands, such as Nesquik, Hot Pockets, Toll House and DiGiorno. This includes a field marketing team embedded in cities throughout the country, as well as serving as sponsorship consultants for Nestle USA brands, guiding sponsorship strategy, property selection, and activation.

Ronnie Yoked

Head of Experiential,
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Ronnie Yoked’s philosophy is simple; “Experiences Change Lives,” and as Head of Experiential at Anheuser-Busch, Yoked’s team uses this guiding principle to build meaningful programs for the myriad of brands they support with the ultimate goal of creating and fostering diverse communities. Yoked taps into her passion for consumer-centric experiences and strategy to help define the future of experiential marketing- ensuring A-B will lead the way. Yoked led the charge in the industry, shifting her team’s IRL experiential strategy to some of the most-watched livestreams during the height of the pandemic, showcasing that regardless of the ever-changing realities we face, experiences could continue to be innovative and impactful whether at home or in real life.