Monday | October 19

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM


Every event marketer is saying “Your health and safety is our top priority.” But what does that really mean? And how can event producers translate this promise into the hundreds of decisions and best practices that need to be mastered in order to truly deliver a safe event experience for attendees? In this two-hour workshop, industry leaders, health and safety experts and brand marketers will break it down in an interactive and informative master class designed to arm marketers with the tools they need to prepare and safeguard their events—and attendees—in the post-COVID era (it’ll be here before you know it!)

Attendees will learn:

+ How to build a bullet proof health and hygiene playbook that exceeds current standards
+ How to address new distancing challenges with space design techniques and event technology
+ How to plan for the new costs that will impact your logistics budget
+ Where to source key PPE and protective exhibit pieces—and what they cost
+ How marketers are navigating safety and hygiene changes now—and what they’re learning
+ How to navigate the new rules (and red tape) in state and local municipalities
+ How to design socially distant spaces that reassure attendees while still engaging them
+ What internal and external resources you will need in 2020 and beyond—and what they cost
+ Fresh ideas that transform pain points into opportunities to innovate—and have fun
+ Customized safety strategies for attendees, VIPs, speakers and exhibitor experiences
+ The hidden health and safety dangers lurking in most events—and how to combat them
+ How to craft contingency and triage plans for the worst-case-scenario
+ How to communicate your safety plans before and during the event
+ Lessons learned from events that have taken place this summer and fall

And more—bring your burning questions. Our experts will be taking questions.

(This session is eligible for 2 clock hours towards CEM recertification)
Presented By:

Dayna Gilchrist

Founder & CEO
The Hype Agency

Marc Wilson

Executive Creative Director

Andrea Ramsey

The Event Ally

Hillary Cartwright

The Event Ally

Tuesday | October 20

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM


The realm of event permits is changing in real time as rules and regulations evolve, particularly in the COVD-19 era. Getting a permit approved is often a “make or break” situation for live events. In this workshop you’ll get a Permit Update—hear the top trends in permitting, get an updated list of the 10 most critical parts of getting your event permit approved, take a look at the top common mistakes even the most experienced event pros still make, and participate in a discussion on permitting within newly established COVID guidelines. Hear what works and doesn’t in top cities. See a timeline for permitting, walk through permit budgeting processes and go inside some killer event case studies to learn how the hell these events got approved.
Presented By:

Amir Shayegan

Vice President of Permitting & Logistics

Aubri Emery

Director of Permitting & Logistics

Wednesday | October 21

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM


As Steve Jobs famously said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” But anyone facing a creative block knows it’s a lot harder than grabbing ideas out of thin air. In this highly interactive, hands-on workshop, ImageThink Founder and CEO Nora Herting will teach you how to bust through creative blocks by drawing, collaborating and thinking differently. Learn the tips and tricks that have led to creative breakthroughs from some of the biggest brands. Get the skills and creative approaches it takes to inspire teams and turn ideas into reality. Leave empowered with practical tools to transform brainstorms, craft journey maps and energize meetings.

Through engaging, practical exercises, you will learn:

+ How to apply design thinking to navigate difficult business challenges.
+ Questioning techniques to identify possibilities and unleash innovation.
+ How to tap group creativity, master team dynamics and drive real collaboration.
+ Secrets to getting from ideation to implementation.
(This session is eligible for 2 clock hours towards CEM recertification)
Presented By:

Nora Herting

Founder and CEO

Thursday | October 22

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM


The No. 1 question on event marketers’ minds today? How to effectively pivot live experiences into virtual ones. In this workshop we will arm marketers with the up-to-the-minute tools and insights they need to pivot, plan and deploy successful virtual and hybrid events. Designed for both b-to-b and b-to-c marketers, attendees will get the strategies, ideas and practical advice they need from industry experts who have “been there, done that” when it comes to deploying successful virtual events—and have sound advice to share. Whether you need to start from scratch on virtual, fine-tune your digital experience IQ or just see how others are doing it to get ideas, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more:

+ I need to pivot my live conference into a virtual one—where do I begin?
+ What does a winning hybrid strategy look like and how can I craft one?
+ What are the essential steps I need to take to create a virtual event?
+ How can I translate live speakers and sessions into virtual content?
+ What are the main virtual and digital platforms and how are they different?
+ What internal and external resources does a virtual event require?
+ How much do virtual events cost and how can I make it affordable?
+ How do I engage online attendees—and keep them engaged?
+ What are the top digital trends and case studies from b-to-b and b-to-c marketers right now?
+ Who’s doing great virtual events right now and why are they working?
+ What are the do’s and definitely don’ts of hosting a virtual event?
Presented By:

Stephanie Dubois


Nicola Kastner

Head of Global Event Strategy

Chad Rumminger

Senior Group Manager, Client Services, Automotive

Brent Turner

Executive Vice President of Solutions and Strategy
Opus Agency

Alistair Wilson

Ford Global Lead & Managing Director

Friday | October 23

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


Now in its fifth year, our annual 101 workshop gives up-and-coming event marketers, or those who might be seasoned in other areas of marketing but new to this industry, the strategic tools and insights they need to jump into the deep end in their jobs—fast. In this rapid-fire master class presented by EM editors, attendees will get:

+ Context: Inside the rise of experiential and its role in the marketing mix
+ Best Practices: What successful experiential brands have in common
+ Checklists: The core types of campaigns, the top KPIs, and more
+ Examples: Steal-worthy ideas from our expansive case study library

(This session is eligible for 3 clock hours towards CEM recertification)
Presented By:

Jessica Heasley

Group Editor and Publisher
Event Marketer Magazine

Rachel Boucher

Executive Editor
Event Marketer Magazine